Stairclimb for Clean Air Week 4


Stretching and flexibility are crucial parts of your fitness and preparation for exercise. Good flexibility can help prevent injury, and allow proper balance between muscle groups as you strengthen!

  • Do lots of stretching of the quads and hamstring. This will help keep you flexible and prevent injuries.
  • It’s important to warm up your body before stretching so your muscle become more pliable.
  • After warm up but before your exercise use dynamic stretching (stretching that involves movement)
  • After exercise try static stretching (traditional stretching)
  • Hold stretches for 30 sec+ to achieve optimal benefit.

Standing quad stretch.

Laying down hamstring stretch with a rope or towel.



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Week 3 Tip:

Incorporate squats and single leg step-ups Click Here

Week 2 Tip:

Focus on two different days of cardio into your work-outs. Click Here

Week 1 Tip:

Plan 5-6 weeks ahead. Click Here