Stairclimb for Clean Air Week 2

Welcome to the Stair Climb for Clean Air Training by Kalev Fitness Solution

Week 2 Tip:

Focus on two different days of cardio into your work-outs.

This would mean doing one day high intensity, which might include a Tabatas class or intervals on the treadmill. You will want to push hard for 1 minute, and then ease off for 30seconds and repeat for 20-30min. Pick a type of cardio that you are confident with for this one.

The next day could be a longer cardio session, at a lower intensity. For example going for a nice jog on the sea wall, choose an intensity that is slightly higher than your lower intensity on intervals.  Whatever it is, make sure it is much longer than you high intensity day, about 2x as long.

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Week 1 Tip:

Plan 5-6 weeks ahead. Click Here