Stairclimb for Clean Air Week 1

Welcome to the Stair Climb for Clean Air Training by Kalev Fitness Solution

Week 1 Tip:

Plan 5-6 weeks ahead. This means look at your calendar, work schedule, vacations etc, and plan your work-out, days and times in advance. This is very important to help you keep on track of your goals and be ready for the climb.


  – February 26th/2011 is the Stair Climb date.
  – Increase intensity every few weeks leading up to the event.
  – Try to do at least one day of strength training, one day high intensity cardio and one day long duration/ endurance cardio day.
  – Go to the bottom of and check out the Stair Climb program we have posted there.


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This program is for a moderate ability level looking to improve time, contact us for Intro Level programs!