Simple tips for a Healthy Summer

Summer is a good time for many things – our moods (Hello Vitamin D!), friendships (“remember that time on the boat…”) and more.  It can be a bit of a menace on our waistlines and overall health if you’re not careful though… one afternoon cold one sometimes turns into six, slushie beverages, a highschool reunion and yam fries on a patio somewhere.  Oh hey there #cheatday.  Are we right?  Take a look at a few of our simple tips for a healthy summer.

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  1. Prep. Yes, we’re talking about #mealprep (or #sundayprepday, #mealprepmonday, #mealprepping as you might know it).  Preparing your meals ahead of time doesn’t have to take all day, and you don’t have to prep for the whole week.  Set aside some time either once, two or three times each week to prep for the next few days (until your next prep time!).  Having meals and snacks pre-portioned will keep you from overeating, or grabbing a calorie-dense convenient snack when you’re in a rush.  If you do end up in a rush, visit our friends at Be Fresh (click here for cafe locations) for a healthy meal on-the-go!
  2. Hydrate.  We shouldn’t even have to explain why.  Just do it.
  3. Organize.  Organizing your home, especially the pantry, to reflect your healthy lifestyle will help reduce stress and make meal-prep easier.  By getting rid of unhealthy snacks and ingredients from the pantry, you reduce temptation.  Cluttered spaces result in a cluttered mind – keep your mind at ease by walking into an organized home! Plus, when you’re in a mad rush to make your work-out class you’ll know exactly where your favourite pair of shorts are.  No excuses!
  4. Cook.  Having a healthy summer doesn’t mean missing out on the fun!  Next time someone throws out a BBQ invitation, offer to bring homemade burgers or salad (skip the traditional potato variety).  Check out some healthy turkey burger recipes here!  Another tip (that’s less time consuming): bring healthy snacks like raw almonds, cut up watermelon, fruit infused water instead of sugary juices, and rice cakes or crackers if you’re a chip-and-dip type of snacker.
  5. Recover.  Make a nutrient packed super smoothie after your work out!  Protein is important after a work out (within one hour is when your body will benefit the most) to build and repair muscle tissue.  Try Greek yogurt, peanut butter, Flax and/or Chia seeds for your protein source if you prefer not to add powders.  Take advantage of the fresh fruit that’s in season, and add spinach for your vitamins A, C, K, fiber, magnesium, and calcium!
  6. Rest.  Days are longer, nights are longer, and there’s always something fun going on.  Go on, be a social butterfly, but make sure you’re still getting your rest.  Completely changing your sleep routine and ignoring your curfew/bedtime like a teenager will only result in sleep deprivation.  Sleep deprivation = less motivation at the gym (if you go at all), rain checking on your active plans like bike rides and hikes, less productivity at work and more stress.