Resistance Training Is Your Best Bet for Weight Loss

Resistance Training

If you find that cardio fitness challenges aren’t working for your weight loss goals anymore, then resistance training might be the perfect solution for you. Now you might be thinking that all it’s going to do is make you bulky, and that’s a common misconception of it, particularly among women, but after reading this article, you’ll find that it’s not true.

So why is resistance training the best way to lose weight? Before we can answer that, we first have to know what resistance training is.

The Basics of Resistance Training

Resistance training is a type of exercise that’s been around for centuries. It builds muscular strength, counteracts age-related muscle loss, and improves muscle size by using some form of resistance during training. You can perform the workout using your own body weight, resistance bands, machines, or free weights like dumbbells.

Typically, resistance training engages large muscle groups, using your whole body to perform repetitive movements while you’re standing, sitting, or lying down. An effective program should be challenging for you, with the amount of resistance you’re using in the specific number of exercises you’re performing. 

If you’re not confident you can formulate a good program for yourself, it’s best to consult a fitness coach or personal trainer. They’re professionals who can ensure you’re getting the best possible results.

How Does Resistance Training Help with Weight Loss?

Now, this is the important question—how can building muscle strength help with weight loss? Resistance training is extremely effective when it comes to losing weight because of a specific phenomenon known as an after-burn or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. 

An after-burn refers to how your muscles return to their resting state by burning enough fat and carbohydrates to recover. However, muscles need a sufficient amount of oxygen for the process to occur.

Experiencing after-burn increases your oxygen uptake after workouts, but the burning of fat and carbohydrates doesn’t only happen then. It also takes place in the middle of exercising. 

Your body works harder to deliver oxygen to your muscles during training because the stress they encounter requires them to use up more energy. It is also why your heart pumps faster when you breathe harder.

Resistance Training Is Not Just a Short-Term Solution

Resistance training is highly effective for your long-term health. It is because of the way your muscles naturally function. 

Generally, muscles take up less space in your body than fat, but it also requires more energy to keep yourself functioning normally. Because of this and the fact that your body’s preferred energy source is fat, resistance training becomes a great way to sustain fat loss over time.

Gaining Muscles Is Never a Bad Thing

If weight loss is your primary goal, you will never go wrong with choosing resistance training as your main form of exercise. Your muscles’ growth is a foolproof way to burn all that excess fat while looking toned and strong in the process.

For those who think the idea of resistance training intimidates them, there’s always the option of joining group fitness classes to help make things feel less daunting. Whichever way you choose to get into this new method, what you need to remember is that the goal is to progress in strength.

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