The Most Probable Reason You Are Not Losing Weight

weight loss

There is no real secret to a quick weight loss journey, mostly because that doesn’t exist. Losing weight takes time and consistency. But if you’ve been stagnant at the same weight for weeks, it could mean one thing: you lack accountability.

You Need to Hold Yourself Accountable

You may think that you’re doing everything right, but the truth is that you may be missing some perspective. You may be working out for hours a week, but your form might be wrong, or you don’t push yourself hard enough to get results. If you work out at home alone with a fitness video on, you may be completing the video, but you don’t complete every set. 

The same goes for diets. It may look healthy to you because the label on the box says it is, but you may very well know that it’s not. It’s the diet soda mentality where you think it’s healthy because there’s no sugar or calories as advertised. But you decide not to read the label because you know you’ll find something in the list of ingredients that will counter that notion.

Self-control and self-discipline are some of the best forms of self-love, but you should admit that you need help. You need someone to call you out but not discourage you in any way. To hold yourself more accountable, you need to be open to the following ideas.

Allow People to Give It to You Straight

When you ask someone, “Do I look like I gained weight?” do you automatically expect them to say “no?” If that’s the case, you’re fishing for compliments, not asking objectively. Asking for support is different from asking people to feed your ego. 

You need to surround yourself with people who understand your weight loss journey and will give you a bit of “tough love” when you need it. Reassure your loved ones that you know that it all stems from a place of love. If they question why you’re ordering fast food or tell you that you need more greens, please listen. 

Have a Gym Buddy

If you’re insecure about going to the gym yourself, find someone who can be there with you every step of the way. Working out with a friend is a lot more fun and can motivate you to push yourself farther. 

Get a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers aren’t people to be scared of. Good ones will guide you to healthy living and set goals they believe you can reach. They will encourage you to do more but won’t push you to the point of physical or mental exhaustion. 


Health and fitness are more than just physical. You have to be in the right mindset to see good results. If you don’t hold yourself accountable for the things you do and the way you treat your health, it could stunt your progress. Be open to the people who call you out on your bad habits and develop the right attitude to lose that weight. 

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