When I lose 10 pounds I will…



We’ve all been there.

It will be better when__________
As soon as I reach________ I will be happy
When I do _______ I will __________
and especially….

When I lose 10 pounds I will _________
(you can usually fill this gap with be happy, apply for that job, tell that boy I like him, book a trip to Vegas, go on a shopping spree, wear that black dress… (I could go on, and on and on) But I’m sure this resonates with you.

Oh the glorious freakin’ BLANK

For goodness sake.

Although losing that extra 10 pounds will give you a temporary boost of self confidence and pleasure, it’s not sustainable. Once you reach that milestone – you will set another one. Trust me, I’ve done it and I’ve seen client after client set the same goals only to be unfulfilled by falling short.

When we break this dysfunctional thinking pattern down, all we are doing is chasing a feeling. The feeling we are chasing often doesn’t come from a place of health, it comes from a distorted place of vanity and inadequacy. What if I told you this feeling was achievable without dropping 10 pounds? What if I told you that was the truth?

Whatever feeling you are chasing and desperately trying to achieve by restricting your diet, being a gym rat or hyper-obsessing over every calorie that enters your body is obtainable through other means. The weight will take care of itself when you shift your focus to a place of gratitude and self love.

Focus on how you want to feel – the raw, unedited version. What does that feeling look like? If you were to take that feeling and hold it, what colour is it? Does it shine?

Internal conversation is often toxic, negative and sub-consciously destroying. Rather than letting your mind run away in a world of ‘what ifs’ bring awareness to that internal conversation. Allowing space to create joy, liberation and clarity is soul soothing. So ask yourself…

How do I want to feel today?
How does eating healthy nutritious food feel?
What changes happen in my body from drinking enough water a day?
How do I feel after a hot yoga class?

Do more of the stuff that makes you feel good, more often. Focussing on your shortcomings and what you don’t have will only shift your focus to a place of sacristy rather than abundance. Let’s get abundant.

One of the best ways to start this process is to journal, get it all down on paper. Each day write down three things you are grateful for in terms of your health & your bod.

Have a glorious weekend you wonderful warriors!

Massive LOVE,

Skelly xoxo

Written by Samantha

samantha-skelly-emotional-eatingSamantha Skelly is an entrepreneur who aims to empower and inspire women and men worldwide to reach new peaks and achieve personal greatness through health and fitness. ‘Change your health, change your life’ Join her every Wednesday for an amazing workout in her Spin & Sweat class at 7am. Visit her website at samanthaskelly.com