KFS Summer Detox Industry Bootcamp!

Hey everyone, it’s Alicia.  Mia and I are really excited about the bootcamp we are launching in September!  We both know from personal experience that working in the service industry is hard work. It can be especially demanding in the summer time, so we are holding an 8 week Summer Detox Bootcamp for service industry staff!

We are holding 2 classes on different days and times, so no excuses!  Starting up after the long weekend on Thursday Sept 5th we will be running classes on Thursdays at 2 pm and Tuesdays at 10 am up until October 29th.  We expect to see all your smiling faces down here, so we can help you relieve some stress, have fun and sweat it out.

You can sign up to train either once or twice a week.

$100 to train 1x/week for 8 weeks


$200 to train 2x/week for 8 weeks

Call: 604-568-6006

Email: schedule@kalevfitness.com

Or just pop by our studio,  128 West Pender.

Sign up before the long weekend and get 25% OFF!

  • 1x wk for $75.00 OR 2x wk for 150.00

Spaces are limited and filling up quick so you must act fast!

Click the links below to sign up!

Sign up for Tuesdays at 10am


 Sign up for Thursdays at 2pm