KFS Personal Trainer Nicole Lau

Nicole Lau Personal Trainer

Nicole Lau Personal Trainer


If you haven’t noticed our personal trainer Nicole Lau, you haven’t been in the same room as her.  This Crossfit foodie brings a magnetic and contagious energy to our team at KFS.

Nicole has many passions and loves to learn.  In addition to her Crossfit Level 1 Certificate and ACE Certification, she’s a registered Holistic Nutritionist and is currently completing her degree in Recreation Leadership.   When she’s not at the gym or outdoors hiking, you’ll find her making healthy but delectable treats, photographing them, and of course, eating them (how typical she jokes…).  She loves to share her healthy recipe ideas through imagery.  Photography and art has always intrigued and inspired her and she enjoys being involved in Vancouver’s local arts community.

When asked what made her want to work in the fitness industry, she talks about her angsty teenage years and how fitness and exercise was a positive outlet for her.  What could be more satisfying than sharing that with a client?

You’ll want to train with Nicole if you’re an athlete or looking to increase your performance and efficiency, and especially if you’re looking for a high-energy and fun workout that’ll get you sweating.  Her specialties include crossfit, functional training and intensive training using plyometrics and body weight exercises (YES super sets!).

Come try xfit Wednesdays at 6 pm or bootcamp Fridays at 5 pm with her.  Get started today or contact us for more information.