KFS Healthy Habits 101 30 Day Nutrition Challenge

Running from November 4th til December 4th, Kalev Fitness Solution will be holding a 30 day nutrition challenge.  The great part is that the challenge can be uniquely designed to your own individual needs.  For example, one could cut out an anti-nutrient such as gluten, perhaps make a decision to eat organic all across the board, or work on cutting down on restaurant meals by taking food prep more seriously.  Regardless of what your goal is, make sure it is measurable, pick your criteria and stick to it for 30 days.

To participate in the challenge, you can do so with the guidance of one of our nutrition coaches.  This program includes four 15-minute meetings with a coach at the cost of $80. These meetings are set up to occur weekly, with the first one being an opportunity to define your goal and develop a strategy to obtain it.  The three meetings following are designed to hold you accountable and keep you on track.

Earn points for postings photos of your meal and recipes, and more points for reaching your health & fitness, and lifestyle goals! Stay motivated through our comments section by meeting other participants to share your pictures and experiences! 

After 30 days, the highest point earners will be presented with prizes, including a 12 week nutrition program, 2 for 1 nutrition program ,and a $100 KFS gift certificate!

To become involved in the challenge, go to https://www.challengeloop.com/challenge/2cab6g Registration takes a moment, after which you can instantly start posting and earning points!

KFS 30 Day Nutrition Challenge Official Rules

1. Earn 1 point for each meal photo posted to ChallengeLoop (Max. 3 meals per day)

2. Earn 1 point for also posting a link to a recipe for your meal

3. Choose Licious Living Healthy Meal Delivery Service and automatically earn 2 points for each meal (Max. 6 points per day)

4. To earn bonus points, keep a daily journal of your progress. Submitted journals will be reviewed and inspiring success stories will be rewarded bonus points

It’s that simple!

Again, to register, go to https://www.challengeloop.com/challenge/2cab6g and start earning points immediately!

You can also call us 604-568-6006, email schedule@kalevfitness.com, or pop by our front desk.  We’re looking forward to helping you reach your goals!