Kalev…Almost Famous?

Kalev Fitness in the Media…again! Check out this article from Yaletown.ca. Giving insight on our roots, and the company’s heart and soul (Kalev) Yaletown.ca interviews Kalev about where he started and what he loves about Yaletown.

‘Kalev is a Yaletown personal trainer who is probably responsible for more of the hot bodies walking around the hood than any other trainer. So…Kalev, we thank you!

Kalev has also helped train the BC Lion Cheerleaders (The Felions), local celebs, and you probably seen him running bootcamps at various locations in Yaletown. Kalev’s success has culminated to him opening his own gym called Kalev Fitness Solution late last year which is located in the landmark Sun Tower over in Cross Town.

The Secrets of the Ripped Man are about to be spilled.

Meet Kalev’…. read more

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