6 Surefire Ways: How to Set and Achieve SMART Fitness Goals

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It’s time to take action if you’re tired of feeling sluggish or unproductive and don’t like how you look. You’ll be able to live a happier, healthier life and be content with the person you see in the mirror if you commit to a life of physical activity and fitness. 

While you may have tried to start a fitness routine in the past, you’re undoubtedly wondering how you can make it work this time. Maybe it’s time to start setting SMART fitness goals, so you have a higher chance of succeeding this time.

Continue reading to learn how to motivate yourself and where to find personal training in Vancouver downtown. 

How to Create and Apply SMART Goals for Fitness? 

The acronym SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

This mnemonic was created in the 1980s as a time management technique, but it may also be used to a great advantage in fitness. Take a look at the most effective approaches to make SMART fitness goals.

Making Specifications

If you want to thrive, you must identify your specific objectives and what fitness means to you. Begin by establishing benchmarks that will assist you in determining your current level of fitness. When you walk up the stairwell at your apartment building, you can be out of breath. Imagine yourself in the future, able to jog up those steps without exerting any effort. Setting defined exercise goals makes it easier to reach your objectives.

Defining Achievability 

Make sure your SMART fitness objectives are within reach. You may find it difficult to hold yourself accountable and stay motivated if they aren’t practical and doable. Be mindful of comparing yourself to the sculpted bodybuilder next to you in the gym. You should feel inspired but trust the process and not rush it.

Working Out on Relevancy

If you’re like most people with a busy schedule, dedicating an entire day to fitness may be difficult. You might only be able to go to the gym three times a week or go for a run during certain hours of the day. 

This can make it more difficult to grow as quickly as you would like, but this is completely normal. As a result, tempering your goals to make them relevant to you, your existing workout program, and your available time is critical to achieving your objectives.

Setting Deadlines 

It’s time to arrange your timetable after making sure your goals are explicit, quantifiable, doable, and relevant. You can estimate your progress and set precise dates in the future when you’ll be able to look back and see how effective you were. 

Again, don’t rush the process, but make sure you keep track of significant “due dates” on your calendar. Consider how amazing you’ll feel and how attractive you’ll appear on those dates! It will keep you disciplined and consistent throughout your fitness journey if you do this.

Progress Monitoring

Measuring your progress as you go might help you maintain a high level of motivation. Take detailed notes and photos every time you work out. You can also seek a fitness consultant in Vancouver who can monitor your progress with you. Along the road, you’ll be able to observe and measure your progress, which will excite and motivate you even more!

Buddying Up 

It can be tremendously encouraging to align your goals with someone in a similar situation. If you have a friend who has expressed an interest in becoming in shape, ask if you can join them on their fitness journey. 

However, the best partner for your fitness journey is a private personal trainer in Vancouver. With a personal trainer, you’ll be more focused and accountable. It’s more likely that you’ll get to concentrate on your goals and flourish if you have an expert who can push you beyond your limits while knowing the best ways to achieve your goals. 

Always Stay Focused on Your SMART Fitness Goals 

Don’t be tempted to abandon your SMART goals just because you heard about a new exercise fad or because an Instagram fitness influencer asks, “What are SMART goals in fitness anyway?” 

Remind yourself that you worked hard to set those SMART goals in the first place, and they’ll remain relevant until you’ve accomplished everything you set out to do. But once you achieve your first goals, make new SMART fitness objectives and continue your journey with a personal trainer to maintain your achievement! 

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