How to get over your fear of the gym!

Kalev Fitness gym interior

Kalev Fitness gym interior


Have a fear of joining the gym?  Three common misconceptions put to rest, and tips on how to overcome them

Many people share the same fears, and believe in some of these common misconceptions about joining the gym.


1) “Everyone at the gym is in good shape”

Everyone that goes to the gym is there to improve their health – just like you.  Everyone starts somewhere and every gym has a range of clientele.  Try to focus on yourself and not the people around you, regardless of their physique.


  • Avoid gyms with large wide-open spaces by opting for a smaller gym
  • Time it right – find out when the gym is least busy and avoid rush times while you’re getting started and building your confidence


2) “I don’t have time”

Ok.  Some may have more time than others, but there are ways to make it work.  Some gyms, including KFS, offer a range of 30 minutes classes for those with tight schedules.  Pack your gym bag the night before for a morning class and go straight to work after your work-out (find out what the change room facilities are like, not having to bring your own blow dryer or hair products will help lighten the load).  A short work-out is better than no work-out at all!  Take a look at our small group training schedule to see when classes might work for you.  We offer a range of classes including spin, xfit, bootcamp, kickboxing, yoga and more.


3) “I don’t know how to use the machines”

… and no one would expect you to if you’ve never been shown by a professional!


  • Invest in a few one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer to get acquainted with the machines and work-out techniques – not every machine in the gym will be the right fit for you and learning the techniques will help you work out safely and efficiently on your own.