Health No-No’s! Hindering Habits and How to Fix Them

Health No-No’s!  Hindering Habits and How to Fix Them

Many of us don’t realize the bad habits that hinder our health and slow us down. Acknowledging our bad habits and altering them will always contribute to positive progress!  For a healthy body and mind, here are three to consider:

You Skip Breakfast.

Morning’s can be a very rushed time of day – but taking the time to include breakfast into your schedule activates your metabolism right away, giving you the energy and nutrients you need to start your day off right! It is called breakfast for a reason – when you sleep, your body goes into a state of inactivity which includes your metabolic functions, similar to fasting.  Waiting hours after you awake to consume a meal hinders weight loss because your body does not get that kick-start to burn off the fuel it is given! Instead, your body will safe guard any food you put in, grabbing hold of calories and keeping them in, promoting fatigue and eventual overeating later in the day.  Studies show that people who eat breakfast lose more weight, are more successful at keeping it off, are in better moods, perform in school/work more productively, and consume hundreds of calories less than those who skip out.  Whether you grab a banana on the go, or have time for some cereal or yogurt, your body will get the fuel it needs for a good day.

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep.

Of course we would all love to get the exact amount of sleep we need each night – but the reality of that is often laughable. Busy schedules often take the place of shut-eye; but taking the time your body and mind need to recharge is essential to your health.  Sleep deprivation not only makes you cranky, it has a huge influence in unbalancing certain hormones in your body, many of them related to weight.  This encourages your cells to hold onto the fat you consume, lowering your body’s ability to burn calories and storing unnecessary fat!  Not only will it affect your body in a negative way, but sleep deprivation is also largely attributed to depression and anxiety issues as well as vulnerability to high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Taking the time to plan ahead and make sleep a priority is vital for your health.  So try your best to let go and rest up, and your body and mind will thank you!

You Go All or Nothing

“Slow and steady wins the race,” is not just an idea, it’s a reality for getting into shape.  Whether it is poor nutrition or an extended absence from working out… it is never too late to fix your health regime! The mistake comes when people go from extreme to extreme. Reflect on the changes you would like to see in yourself and acknowledge that they may not happen overnight. Don’t punish your body with a strict diet or ridiculous workout program – make healthy changes like cutting out fast food, including more balanced meals, getting more sleep, and being active a few days a week. Overcome those goals, and continue onwards and upwards! Small changes add up! Those who take the time to change their bad habits as a lifestyle are more likely to maintain it and see amazing results.

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