Great News from Kalev Fitness Solution:

We are excited to be introducing a new Heart Rate monitoring system and app, please download before May 4th:

iPhone Download

Android Download

It allows members to track their heart rate during classes to see performance, calories burned, and build up points in our new system. It also links with a client portal to view statistics for individual workouts (classes or gym based) and keep track of weekly and monthly performance totals. A NEW app (replacing the existing app) is integrated as well to post statistics of your workouts straight to your phone, whether training in Kalev Fitness or training outside, all the data is stored on your Kalev Fitness profile. The app will email you the collected data and post a workout synopsis as well. Everything will be tracked the minute you start your workout and finish it.

Things get even more interesting to keep everyone motivated! The gym will have weekly and monthly leaders posted to see who the top performers are. Also, to personalize your experience and add an extra drive to your team workouts, you can set up friendly competitions with your workout buddies and have bragging rights to see whose overall fitness progress is most improved. Competition options include calorie burning, performance, or amount of visits. It is up to you to choose your battle to conquer!

Who is this for? This is open to all our members! Anyone want to set new goals in their fitness performance and see their heart rate monitored in real time. Sensors and TV’s are installed in both the class studio and gym, so by linking your heart rate monitor to our system you’ll be able to see your progress through group classes, personal training, or individual workouts.


This will be all part of your Kalev Fitness Solution Membership!

Over the next couple of weeks, the system will roll out. You will still book classes through a PC from our website . But, to be up to date with us, you’ll need to download our new app (before May 4th) from the App Store “Kalev Fitness Solution.” To login use the same username and password you used with our old app. To view your statistics overview please bookmark the new client portal (, again same username and password.


To get the most accurate Heart Rate performance math we advise you to update your personal info into your account, information includes:

  • Heart Rate Monitor ID (back of your chest band, must be “ANT+” compatible Heart Rate Monitor)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Height


If you would also like to add a nickname, go right ahead! Just go under Account Menu and add yourself a nickname. Please note, don’t edit your actual name listed as we use some elements for categorizing clients.


Note: You will need your own Heart Rate Monitor linked to this system, so please add your Heart rate Monitor ID which is located at the back of your “ANT+ ” Heart Monitor to get started. Don’t have one? You can buy one from us.

  • Chest bands will cost $60+tax.
  • Arm bands will be $90+tax.


Or, if you buy one on your own, be sure it is an “ANT+” compatible Heart Rate Monitor (compatible ANT + brand names are: Garmin, Wahoo etc..). To learn more about ANT+ click here. To check what devices are compatible to ANT+ click here it will lead you to the directory of devices. Once you are one the page scroll down to categories, click on devices and click on heart rate sensor to see the list.

Have any issues or concerns? Don’t be shy to ask anyone from front desk and they’ll answer any questions you may have.


Over the rest of this month, ALL classes will begin using heart rate monitors.So get a monitor from the world or from us. Link the Heart Rate Monitor to your profile and update your information on the client portal. The new app will allow you to book classes just like the old one, but with new benefits! Use the new system to track your performance and set new goals!!