First Impressions: How flexibility affects your posture

Come join us for the first of our monthly free personal trainer fitness presentations.


Presenter: Christian Kubas


Date: Oct 15th @ 2:30pm


Location: Kalev Fitness Solution


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First impressions are initially limited to how a person presents themselves. Good posture is attractive and emits a sense of confidence. On the other hand poor posture makes a person look more timid. Just saying the word posture in a crowed lecture hall will provoke people to start sitting up straight. Everyone knows they should sit and stand more erect but seem to fall right back into a hunched over position once it is out of their awareness. Why is that? It very well may be the fact that your muscles are pulling you right back into poor posture because they are too tight or weak. Generally speaking, your spine should have 3 natural curves, not too big and not too small. Come learn what proper posture should look and feel like, as well as how to correct malalignments with a focus on stretches at Kalev Fitness Solution…

Kalev Fitness Solution