Fitness Goals in 2014


Another year commences and with that comes new goals for many.  Whether these goals are personal, professional, or fitness related, most of us have something that we want to work toward.  Having realistic and obtainable goals is a very healthy part of life and we encourage you to continually strive for excellence here at the gym.

It might not come as a surprise that the top new year’s resolution is to lose weight. According to a recent study on new year’s resolution statistics by the University of Scranton, weight loss comes out on top again, while ‘staying fit and healthy’ comes in at the 5th on the top 10 resolutions list.  Here at the gym we want to help you be your best by guiding you to tackle your fitness goals and create new ones when appropriate.

It has been shown that when an individual creates a new goal for themselves at the start of a new year, that their dedication to achieving that goal decreases week after week and ultimately only 8% of people succeed in reaching their goal.

This is where personal training and nutrition coaching are key in achieving your fitness resolutions. We happily hold our clients accountable, while demonstrating proper form of exercises to reduce injury, and teaching them the importance of the movements they’re doing.  Plus, working out with our trainers is a lot of fun!

Our nutrition program is designed to compliment your fitness routine to give you the best results possible.  You can’t out train a poor diet, and the right attention paid to dietary choices will directly impact the change you make in your body.  One of the biggest mistakes that people make when entering a weight loss journey without expert advice, is exercising too much and not eating enough.  This is a recipe for metabolic confusion in the long run. Our nutrition team will teach you how to fuel yourself properly for long term success as we cover topics such as food quality, antinutrients and allergies, grocery shopping strategies, hydration, lifestyle, and more.

If you’ve been promising yourself that you were going to lose weight, increase strength, put on some muscle, improve your posture or generally become a fitter version of you, come chat with us.  Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, so we have all angles of fitness covered from weight training, metabolic conditioning, sports specific training, active rehab, yoga therapy, and so on.

Getting started is easy.  Just book a consultation to meet with one of our trainers by calling 604-568-6006, or emailing in to  We look forward to an amazing new year and being a part of your successful quest for fitness!