Fitness Challenges: How We Can Upscale Your Fitness This 2021

woman working out

Anyone who has ever tried to stick to a fitness regimen knows the struggle that comes with committing to exercising regularly, maintaining a diet, and staying motivated till the very end. Each year, people come up with resolutions to start on a good note, with most people including a fitness goal into their lists.

We buy new workout clothes, sign up at the nearest gym, and decide to change our lifestyles come the new year. While it’s easy to start strong, it may be challenging to remain motivated to finish stronger! Along the way, while we try our best to commit to our objectives, we don’t feel the same drive that we had the first time we started.  

The Answer to Your Woes: Fitness Challenges

One way to help people struggling with staying committed to fitness is to consider short-term fitness challenges, such as the ones we have here at Kalev Fitness Solutions! We have 4-week and 6-week challenges, both of which are aimed towards kickstarting your way to a healthier lifestyle! 

To emphasize that point further, here’s what else you can expect from following our personalized fitness challenges:

You Can Look Forward to an End Date

Having an end date is an essential part of fitness challenges, as these set you with a firm deadline in mind. That alone pushes you to stay on track and continue reaching for your goals, and remain motivated to get to the end date!

Our fitness coaches lead our classes to help all of our clients attain their goals to visualize the finish line better. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or becoming toned, you can develop lifestyle changes that you can bring with you after the challenge is over.  

You Can Follow a Structured Schedule

 People can expect to see changes and witness results when they remain consistent about anything they do. 

Our fitness consultants finetune the challenges for our dedicated clients. These are personalized to meet their needs, allowing them to look forward to an attainable deadline. These fitness challenges offer a structured direction to steer you on the right track, teach you to adapt to new routines, and monitor your progress.

If you’re interested in joining our fitness classes that follow weekly challenges, you can find a support system to help you inspire each other to stay motivated and keep going. When you focus on following our given schedule, you can rest assured knowing you will achieve your fitness goals faster and even acquire new fitness habits along the way. 

You Can Monitor Your Progress

When you opt-out of receiving professional help to oversee your workout routine, you may end up skipping workouts and performing just random exercises to get by. As a result, you won’t know if you’re still on track because you don’t have anyone to guide you anymore.

However, if you decide to join our 4-week or 6-week fitness challenges, you’re setting yourself up for success! Our trainers will ensure to watch over your growth and guide you through each workout routine. They will provide you with all the assistance and motivation you need to persevere until you attain the results you want, even after the program is over.

Do It The Kalev Way 

If you’re looking for a way to step it up this year and prove to yourself that you can face positive changes, our fitness challenges are an excellent idea to add to your resolutions. We provide you with a way to enhance your personal fitness goals, upgrade your current workout routine, and build new habits. 

 Are you looking for a private personal trainer in Vancouver to supervise your fitness challenge? At Kalev Fitness Solutions, our aim is to help our clients become their best selves—physically and mentally. Get in touch with me today, and I will personally help you achieve your fitness goals for 2021!