KFS – FIT 250 Member Event – starts March 29


Keep pushing your fitness to the next level with our new event, the KFS FIT 250!

Goal: To Complete 250 reps in the fastest time possible

Sign up while spots last < click here >!

Jump Rope, Squats, Lunges, Push-Ups, all will be basic movements so dont worry, YOU CAN DO IT! 


Step 1 – Complete and Test your 250 reps on one of our start dates!

Step 2 – Receive a 4 week training program and workout tracker

Step 3 – Repeat test 4 weeks after start date and see how you did!


$500 in Prizes will be awarded for best time and most improved performance!

The goal is for you to see where you are at in your baseline and work towards bettering yourself over the 4 weeks. Its all about having a goal and being motivated to be the best version of yourself!

*Event Starts March 29/30*

Sign up while spots last < click here >!


  • KFS Active Member – Free
  • KFS Referral – $25 *
*(If KFS MEMBER’s friend buys a membership they get a FREE ($300) Executive month to say thanks for the referral!*

Questions: Connect with us through KFS Social media platforms of check the app for the next start date!