Is Low Intensity Exercise Best for Burning Fat? Trainer Tip of the Day

fat-burning-zone-myth-treadmillSo what is the best way to burn off that unwanted fat? Is it low intensity exercises or more fast paced ones? You may have heard that low intensity exercises will primarily use fat for energy. This is true however the total amount of energy expended will be less than a higher intensity workout. Training at a pace that gets your heart rate higher will use more carbohydrates as its fuel source but more fat will also be used in the process and the total amount of energy expended is higher!

Exercise Intensity:                  Low                    High

Total Calories Burnt:               225                     315

Total Fat Calories Burnt:        90                        95

If we look at the table above, we see that at low intensities, a higher percentage of fat is burnt. At high intensities, a lower percent of fat is burnt compared to the total calories but overall, more fat was utilized. The key is more total calories were burnt in the session and greater fitness levels will be achieved also. Talk to your trainer about what the proper speed for you to exercise is at and remember fats burn in the flame of carbohydrates!!

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