5 Factors to Consider Before Changing Personal Trainers

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Physical fitness is a vital aspect of keeping a healthy body. Through the help of personal trainers, achieving body goals becomes much more manageable than traversing the journey alone. However, personal trainers sometimes fail to help in attaining the set targets.

But it doesn’t mean people will automatically cancel or change personal trainers instantly. Instead, there are more factors to consider than failed plans. But for first-time gym-goers, what should it take to change personal trainers? Here are some ideas.

1. Reliability

Personal trainers are expected to be reliable in every way. They need to ensure that they can meet the demands of their client. They must also ensure that their clients are always on track to meet their health and fitness goals.

If a personal trainer continuously fails to deliver on their promises, it might be time to consider changing personal trainers. It isn’t enough that they appear during training; they should also monitor their clients even after gym hours.

2. Finished Goals

A personal trainer should be able to help you achieve your fitness goals. For example, losing weight is a struggle for most people. But personal trainers make it easier for their clients to stay motivated and follow every step to ensure they lose weight healthily and safely.

However, changing personal trainers can also be because of finished goals. If the client has lost weight, they may change personal trainers for bulking up or strength training. Sometimes, personal trainers specialize in various programs and can do more with their expertise.

3. Inconsistency

Personal trainers should be consistent with their work. For example, if you pay a personal trainer for an hour, you should get the entire workout. It would be best if you were not cut short because of the personal trainer’s inconsistency.

Also, personal trainers should be consistent with their communications. If you want to discuss a workout plan with your trainer, they should be available to talk to you. Clients should not have to wait long because they are busy.

4. No Changes

Clients should see some changes if they are paying for a personal trainer. Personal trainers should be able to help you see some results. If you do not see any changes, the personal trainer is not doing their job or not changing the things they need to adjust.

Look for a personal trainer who is willing to change their workout plans. If you pay a personal trainer to help you get in shape, they should be ready to change the workout plan. Clients should be able to get a different workout plan for months.

5. Sensitivity

Clients should feel comfortable with their trainer. Trainers should be sensitive to their client’s needs and never make them uncomfortable. Some clients may be sensitive about their weight, and trainers should maintain a balanced level of sensitivity to avoid hurting people’s feelings.

Meanwhile, clients should be able to tell the personal trainer about their medical conditions. For example, people with lung or heart disorders should feel comfortable sharing their sickness. The trainer should be able to adjust the workout plan to accommodate the client’s medical condition.

Breaking Up With A Personal Trainer

No matter how much you like your trainer, there may come a time when you want to break up with them. However, changing personal trainers should take time and effort. Here are some ways to respectfully break up with a personal trainer to avoid problems arising.

1. Send an Email

For some people, it’s hard to talk personally with someone, especially if you don’t know them that well. If you feel uncomfortable talking to your trainer in person, you can write a professional email as it does not require face-to-face interaction.

In the email, you can politely state that you are no longer comfortable with the trainer. Clients can also express their reasons for leaving. However, the message should also contain compliments and acknowledgements for what they did correctly.

2. Inform Gym Management

Clients can inform the gym management if they feel uncomfortable talking to their trainer. They will be responsible for talking to the trainer and resolving the issue. The gym management will also be able to provide you with a new trainer who will fit your needs and preferences.

Speaking directly to the personal trainer’s upper heads should make it easier to break up with them as it will appear as an order from the authorities. As a result, no more questions will be asked, and they will directly abide by it.

3. Be Direct

If you’re comfortable with confrontations, then you should be able to speak to your trainer directly. Clients should be able to inform them of their decision, and they should understand why they want to break up with them.

However, clients should also be able to justify their reasons for breaking up so the personal trainers can understand their decision and why they want to break up. Being direct and honest will also help them improve their training skills.

4. Cancel Scheduled Appointments

Once you’ve decided to break up with your trainer, you should cancel all your scheduled appointments. As a result, the trainer won’t expect you to miss your workout sessions. If you don’t cancel your appointments, they might show up at your house or work and be disappointed when you’re not there.

5. Find Another Gym

If you feel uncomfortable going to the gym where your trainer works, you should find another one. That way, you won’t have to see or hear about them from other gym members. You’ll be able to focus on your workout routine and meet your fitness goals.


Hiring a personal trainer makes achieving fitness goals more manageable. However, there will be instances when people will feel like their personal trainers do not help them achieve their goals anymore, making the switch.

If you feel like your personal trainer is no longer helping you, the first step is to talk to them about it. It’s possible that there is a misunderstanding or that the trainer is unaware of the issue. If the trainer cannot address the problem, it may be time to look for a new one.

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