Dry Brushing 101

We work so hard on our bodies, toning our muscles, shaping our rears, shedding extra fat. With all that hard work happening in the gym sometimes its a challenge to continue that mentality out of the gym. Sometimes you’re so tired after a big sweat session you can barley shower let alone find energy to apply a moisturizer. That extra bit of attention could really make all the difference though.



Some of you may have herd of this concept before, and are familiar with exfoliation.  Most people will exfoliate their face once a week but the truth is your whole body could use a good exfoliation every once and a while. Dry brushing has been long known to host a number of health benefits such as improved circulation, stimulating lymph drainage, stimulating hormones, and firming the skin.

Check out this great step by step tutorial on dry brushing by the fabulous ladies at The Beauty Department

Happy training guys!