Cooking with Fire for Optimal Health

Technology has taken us a long way regarding efficiency and convenience.  Take microwaves for example.  Within a few minutes max, you can have a piping hot meal ready to eat.  Microwaves are often used to speed up the food preparation process to unthaw meats, and items such as microwave popcorn have made snacking as easy as can be.  In modern time the microwave is a staple kitchen appliance yet it has only been around for about 70 years.

We don’t just advocate fitness here at the gym, we want to see your overall health in top notch form, and unfortunately, microwave usage is not doing you any favors.  You may be aware that microwave ovens use microwave radiations to heat polarized molecules in food.  The radiations however, distort the molecular structure of the food being heated.  This means, the healthy nutrients we are seeking from the food we consume are destroyed during heating.  Of course, the quality of the nutrients we consume is not the only aspect of health one should consider when using a microwave.  Hemoglobin levels are greatly altered as studies have shown that those levels have decreased in people who eat microwaved foods, while white blood cells and cholesterol increased.  Overall bacteria in the body may increase as a result of eating microwaved food, while lymphocytes decreased.  Basically this means that the body has less immunity and the chances of becoming ill is higher than if a person was not consuming microwaved meals.  In regards to ills, this could mean generally having a weaker immune system but also in more serious cases, microwave usage has been linked to cancer growth in the blood and intestines as well as general digestive complications.  Gut health is overlooked at times by the general population, however the human gastro-intestinal tract houses approximately 70% of the human immune system.

Now you may be reading this and wondering what you can do to eliminate your microwave usage.  First off, an easy way would be to stop eating snacks or meals that require a microwave.  For reheating purposes try a toaster oven, a good old frying pan, or get used to eating previously cooked food cold.  Some things actually taste surprisingly delicious when served cold.  Meal planning is important for several reasons.  It helps us budget, eat healthy, and control our portion sizes, but it also helps us avoid microwaves.  Planning what to eat in advance allows us to pull items out of the freezer with enough time so that the microwave never has to be used for meal preparation.  Cook with fire, the way nature intended.  Try using a grill, your pots and pans, wok, or the oven to do your cooking.  Eat raw organic fruit, nuts and vegetables for nutritious snacks that require no cooking preparation or heating at all.

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