Best of Vancouver

Hi Everyone!


The Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver is happening now and we would love it if KFS could be recognized this year! Please vote for Kalev Fitness Solutions in the following categories:
Best Gym (Men)
Best Gym (Women)
Best Independent Gym
Best Boot Camp/outdoor training program
Best Personal trainer:
  • Paul Moffat
  • Greg Smith
  • Christian Kubas
  • Alicia Putinski
  • Mike Blom
  • Devin Matthews
  • Gavin Tonkin
  • Sean Conner
  • Virgil Issacs
  • Mia Gower
In order for your ballot to count you need to vote in at least 30 categories. So to save you time and make it super easy, here’s some local businesses you can fill in for those remaining spots!
Best Health Collective : Yinstill
Best ICBC Lawyer: Ada Lam, Bableen Rana
Best Realtor: Nicola Walters
Best Spa: Cranberries Spa
Best Wedding Photographer: Barry Calhoun
Best Accupuncturist: Julie Shillabeer
Best Notary or Lawyer: Brenda Balough
Best Mortgage Broker: Marci Deane, Ryan Mckinley
Best Physiotherapist, acupuncturist,
Best massage therapy and naturopathic clinic: Gastown Physio and Pilates
Best supplement store: Body Energy Club
Best place for casual cooking classes: Dirty Apron
Any of the best restaurant categories: Cafe Medina, Chambar or HousexGuest.


Voting goes until July 17th and can be done by clicking HERE

It will only take a few minutes and would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for supporting us!
Kalev Fitness Solutions