4 Major Benefits of Isometric Exercises You Must Know About

Senior people workout with personal trainer at the gym

A recent study shows that isometric exercises improve muscle strength by 10 to 50 per cent, which is why they are becoming more popular amongst athletes and gym enthusiasts. But currently, little is known about isometric exercises since most people usually prefer isotonic workout routines.

Nonetheless, they offer numerous health and fitness benefits. So if you’re interested in incorporating some of them into your current routine, then here is a guide that can help you learn more about isometric exercises.

Overview of Isometric Exercise

In general, an isometric exercise is a form of workout that involves static muscle contraction without any visible movement in the surrounding joints. Unlike other strengthening exercises that use bulky weight machines and equipment, it focuses more on improving muscle strength and endurance via applying constant yet static tension on a particular muscle group.

Famous examples of isometric exercise are planking and yoga stretching. These fitness activities mainly focus on holding a position, which is why they are also known as static strength training.

Significant Benefits of Isometric Exercise

1. Eliminates the Need for Bulky Exercise Equipment

One of the advantages of doing isometric exercises is that you won’t have to spend on workout machines that can be pretty expensive. As they mainly make use of body weight instead of actual weights, you’ll only be needing an exercise mat to prevent slipping while you hold your position for an extended period.

2. Requires Only a Little Amount of Time

Isometric exercises allow you to benefit a lot from them without having to spend endless hours working out. These exercises often last from 30 to 60 seconds, but you also have the freedom of throwing in a few more seconds if you want to make the activity a bit more challenging for you.

Going back to the point, these make for the perfect fitness challenge for people who are always on the go as they do not take too much time. However, do note that you have to be consistent in performing isometric exercises in order to feel the results.

3. Allows You to Target a Specific Muscle Group

Isometric exercises are helpful in isolating a particular group of muscles such as your biceps or quadriceps. This technique allows you to focus more on strengthening a specific muscle at a time before moving on to other parts of your body. Additionally, they are a good option for those people who prefer to have lean muscles instead of bulky ones as they do not cause muscles to grow bigger.

4. Aids in Injury Rehabilitation and Therapy

The best part about isometric exercises is that they allow you to build muscle strength without placing too much pressure or stress on your muscles and joints. For this reason, most healthcare providers usually recommend doing this type of exercise to patients undergoing rehabilitation or physical therapy.


Admittedly, few people incorporate isometric moves in personal training routines as only a handful knows about the benefits they provide. With that said, more people need to become aware of how helpful isometric exercises are in maintaining a good physique for a more fruitful workout routine.

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