A Real ‘Work’ Out! Productive Ways to Shed for Summer

A Real ‘Work’ Out! Productive Ways to Shed for Summer

Chores seem like the last desired thing to do on sunny summer days, but realizing the potential that they hold for increasing your calorie burn may have you see them in a new light! Running errands doesn’t have to compromise your workout schedule! In fact, it is, in itself a bonus workout. Here are some little ‘realizations’ to make you feel better about the time you spend doing chores.

Fridge out of stock? As little as a 45 minute round of shopping – with a trip to the grocery store, and carrying /putting away what you have purchased is 200 calories burned! Garden a grassy, weeded mess? Weeding and planting works your arms and legs and burns away another 200 calories. Car so grungy you can finger paint through the dirt? By washing your vehicle by hand, you are 250 calories burned, and better off than before! These, and not to mention the added fat and calorie loss provided by household chores like scrubbing the floor, vacuuming, or reorganizing closet space, are practically an untapped fitness resource. Need a break from cleaning? Playing your favourite music? Take a dance break, a-la Tom Cruise in Risky Business, or Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire! You can shed 100 or more calories. `

Looking at errands and chores as a way to increase your physical activity can save you stress and leave you with hundreds of calories burned, and a productively (doubled) To-Do List finished. If you really want to push the potential of these ‘work’ outs, try to include as much walking into your errand routine, and keep fueled with plenty of water. It may not take the dread away from doing chores, but it certainly promotes a healthy lifestyle and productive time spent, helping you work towards achieving a better you.

Tracey Ferris – Kalev Fitness Solution

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