5 Mental Strategies to Make You a Workout Champion

Person working out in the gym

Most people tend to look for external solutions that could help them with their fitness problems. Instead of looking for an answer externally, have you ever thought of looking within yourself? Stop forcing yourself to lift weights for now, and let your mind do the heavy lifting first. Here are some mental tricks to help you make your workouts a habit.

Know What You Want

Attending fitness classes or workout sessions isn’t something you do spontaneously. If you want good results, you need to be crystal clear with your targets. Having no clearly defined goal or target will only lead to decreased drive and lack of motivation. 

Define your goals and targets and make sure you have a reliable way of measuring your progress. Assess your starting point and monitor your progress until you achieve what you want with your body.

Visualize Your Success

If you want to be fit and healthy, then conditioning your mind for success is the first step to achieving it. Build a clear visual image of yourself in peak physical condition and use that as a mark of your success. Every workout session or fitness challenge you overcome makes your real self closer to that image in your mind’s eye.

Do Something You Love First

Working out isn’t all about pain and pushing yourself to your limits. If you’re determined to workout every time you can, then you might as well enjoy it while doing it. Every form of exercise has some level of discomfort associated with it. Your knees start to hurt, your lungs feel like they’re burning, or your arms feel like they’re going to fall off. The trick is to find something that brings you just enough joy to offset all the discomfort. After a while, you associate that discomfort as part of the enjoyment you feel for that exercise.

You don’t have to push yourself too hard when you’re just starting. When you’re enjoying what you do, then that’s the time you look for something more challenging.

Be Aggressive

After a couple of workout sessions with your personal trainer, you’ll eventually feel a little more at ease with exercising. Now’s the time to change it all up and be more aggressive with your workout regimen.

Don’t just lift weights; attack them! That’s right. Attack those weights and those pushups while you treat every rep as if it were your last. Training’s over, and you’re finally going into actual battle. Embrace the rush and the pain, and remind yourself that this exercise brings you closer to your goals.

Don’t Get Complacent

As mentioned before, you need to track your progress when working out. It’s perfectly okay to pat yourself on the back after a solid workout. Go ahead and congratulate yourself whenever you reach a milestone in your fitness journey. But don’t get complacent. As soon as you’ve savoured your victory, set your sights on the next set or a new fitness challenge. This is the part where you try to outmatch yourself and crush your previous accomplishments.


There are times when no amount of physical workout can push you into committing yourself to be fit and healthy. Sometimes you need to start working out with your brain and your inner self first before you can take off with your workout. Once you’ve got the ball rolling, then it’s a straight shot to your goal.

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