4 Fitness Myths You Need To Know

4 Fitness Myths You Need To Know There are many myths about fitness and nutrition, and we are here to set the record straight on a few of them! Think you know? You may be surprised… Myth1: Women who weight train will bulk up. Reality: Weight training may build, but also defines muscle – it does not create a ‘Hulk’ effect! Cardio alone has been proven to burn calories, but weight training helps define and firm muscles, making them look even leaner than before. Ladies – having weight training as part of your exercise regime will actually make you smaller in size and give you the toned body you desire because muscle cells are more compact than fat cells, giving your metabolism a boost and sculpting your figure! Myth2: Muscle will turn into fat if you reduce your workouts or stop training completely. Reality: Fat cells and muscle cells are completely different, and do not change one another: “That’s like saying your car will turn into a boat if you leave it parked too long! Think about it!” our trainer Josh explains. The extra “meat” that someone who was once muscular appears to gain is not from muscle turning to fat, but from the food being eaten converting into body fat instead of being used toward the maintenance of defined muscle. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime to keep that extra padding off! Myth3: Exercise does not actually “clear your head.” It’s mind over matter! Reality: While many would argue this to get out of working out, it is untrue. Studies show that brain cells actually become more alert and adaptable with the influence of exercise –and it has also been proven to strengthen attention and memory functions!  Still not convinced? As a bonus, working out also releases Endorphins – which create a euphoric reaction from the body creating a sense of calm and happiness. Moral of the story? Working out does a lot of good for your body and mind! Myth4The way to a flat stomach is isolated abs exercises. Reality: If you find yourself frustrated that after dozens of crunches, you see no difference in your midsection, this is why! Firstly, many people overwork their abs in an effort to get a washboard stomach. Like all the other muscle groups in your body, doing hundreds of reps of any physical activity isn’t a good idea – your abs are no different. Think of quality vs quantity. Want to see defined abs? Keep a lean diet, keep burning calories (and therefore, fat!), and make sure you keep your abs exercise form solid! We offer an amazing “Flat Abs 101” class several times a week to help you get there.

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