3 Glute Exercises You Can Try For Lower Back Pain Relief

exercise glutes

Today, many people suffer from lower back problems for many reasons. Some sit down for long hours in less-than-ideal postures that strain their backs, while others may have overworked their backs to the point that it starts to get hurt. Regardless, a painful back seriously interferes with one’s productivity, and solving this issue quickly is vital to ensure life is once again much more enjoyable.

How does one address lower back issues to be free from the clutches of back pain? With glute exercises! Yes, exercises that help your booty look better have also been shown to be incredibly effective at solving lower back pain.

In this article, we’re going to share with you a few glute exercises you can try out to find relief from lower back pain:

1. The Clam Shell

No, you’re not going to a restaurant to eat some clams. Instead, you are going to lie on your side on the floor or on a mat. With that, place a mini-band just above your knees around the legs, and make sure to bend them. Make sure you’re comfortable on your side, then slowly lift the knees apart from each other. The band will act as resistance to gradually train your glutes. Do this for around ten to twelve reps, then switch to the other side and repeat.

2. The Squat with Hip Extension

To do the squat with hip extension, stand up straight with your feet about a hip distance apart from each other. From there, place a resistance under the feet and hold each end of the band tightly with each of your hands. With that, go into a squat position with the knees hanging over the toes, then squeeze your glutes and stand straight back up. Repeat this for around ten to twelve reps.

3. The Hip Bridge with Abduction

With the hip bridge with abduction, you will lie down on your back on the mat with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. With the band in hand, place it around your leg above the knees. From there, lift the hips off the floor, straightening your back from your neck down to your knees, and resist the pull of the band. After that, slowly move your hips back down, and repeat this process around ten to twelve times.

Get Your Lower Glute Exercise in!

What are you waiting for? Get your lower glutes exercised today and address your lower back pain. Just don’t forget to warm up for a few minutes before you exercise. Otherwise, you may run into injuries that leave you worse than when you started. That said, if you need more help in training your glutes and addressing your lower back pain, why not reach out to personal trainers? They have the expertise you need to craft an exercising plan to help train the specific muscles you need to solve different problems. This includes training your glutes to not only make your booty look great but also to address lower back problems that you may be facing. On that note, if you find that exercising isn’t solving the problem, do reach out to a doctor. They can help identify the root cause of the problem and come up with a plan to find relief for you!

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