Rian – Family Fitness Coach

Meet Rian

Hi! My name is Rian, a trainer hailing from the lands of myths and legend, Ireland!

I’m excited to be part of the new KFS “Family Fitness” program! I’ve worked with kids of all ages and abilities in numerous situations, and across these roles, I’ve accumulated 8 years of working with Under-16 demographics! As a result, I’m extremely adept with this practice, and will be responsible for writing the new KFS procedural guidelines. My experiences as both a manager and a trainer, has given me expertise with age-specific detailed planning as well as those important considerations of emergency protocols and First-Aid requirements.

I spent my early years in the fitness industry working with a range of ages, from 5year olds to adolescents. I managed underage camps for 2 years and also specialised in professional swim coaching. Later on I progressed to professional underage football (soccer) coaching and worked as both a manager and a trainer.

I find working with younger age groups to be extremely rewarding! With the right patience and approach, you get to watch these young students grow their skills and self-confidence. They are so proud of their achievements, and so am I! My goal is to support and guide them, whether their own individual pursuits be sport or activity related.

You can read more about Rian’s credentials here